All Candidates Forums 5 to 8 Oct 2015
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All candidate forums coming up next week:
5 Oct Bonnyville Dr Brosseau School 43011 38 St 7 PM
6 Oct Vegreville Centennial Library 4709 50 St 7 PM
7 Oct Lloydminster Civic Centre 5405 49 Ave 8:30 PM
8 Oct Vermilion Regional Centre (across from college) 7 PM

St. Paul All Candidates Forum
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This went well enough for me.  I did start to feel like a broken record coming up to answer questions and trying to say in a different way that we would be much better off dealing with the issue in the private sector.

There were a couple of questions about aboriginal issues.  The first one I answered by reading the platform statement.  On the second one, I told them frankly that I don’t know much about such issues.  I then reiterated the libertarian view that we all have the same right to make choices about what to do with ourselves and our possessions, and that if we all had respect and consideration for each other, we would get along fine.

The audience was polite.  I sense that many of them were PC supporters and a few NDP supporters.  I did have a long discussion with one person afterwards about how we could operate health care, schools, police, etc in a free enterprise, free market system.

Shaw Cable
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I did a two minute segment with Shaw Cable which will be broadcast between Oct 8th and 18th.  It will also be available on YouTube.

Campaign 10 to 16 Sep
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Since Thursday, Sep 10th we have been door contacting in Athabasca, Bruderheim, Lamont, Mannville, and today in St. Paul.

Parking lot accident in St. Paul and then hit a deer on the way home. Bummer. Car is still functioning except the left, front signal light.

We are slated to do a high school presentation and an information meeting in Bonnyville tomorrow. Hopefully we can get the transportation figured out.

Campaign Sep 9th
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We have been door contacting in Myrnam, Derwent, Vermilion, and Lloydminster the last three days.  We have also booked information meetings for:

St Paul at the library 6:30 to 7:30 PM on Wed, 23 Sep

Athabasca at the Regional Multiplex 7 to 8 PM on Thurs, 24 Sep

Lloydminster at the Legacy Centre 7 to 8 PM on Wed, 30 Sep

We will be in Athabasca tomorrow afternoon, 10 Sep.

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