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A Free Society
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Freedom means that we are free and responsible to direct our own lives and the use of our possessions while respecting the same freedom for others. Freedom is being respectful and considerate of others.

We have a Culture of Freedom
This is what our mothers taught us. If you want to get along with others, don’t hit, and don’t mess with their stuff.
Canada is known as a free country. For the most part, we do not live in fear of assault or theft. Assault and theft in various forms do happen, but not to the extent that most Canadians are afraid. The people that I come in contact with have no desire to hurt me nor I them. This is what most of us experience.
This culture of freedom comes from individuals, not government. Governments contravene this culture of freedom the most by taking our stuff in taxes and threatening harm if we don’t obey their dictates.
Support freedom so government will also respect individual rights to choose what we do with ourselves and our possessions.

Libertarians Promote Market Regulation
Market regulation uses competition and consumer choice to determine which products and services survive. Markets give businesses the incentive to meet a wide variety of customer needs and wants within normal cost efficiencies.
Government regulation is what a few people decide for everyone affected. Government bureaucracies are a high cost way to implement barriers to business and personal choices.
Support liberty to get the cost effective benefits of market regulation and avoid the costly problems of government regulation.

A Free Society Promotes Free Enterprise
Free enterprises face competition and must be profitable to stay in business with the incentive to provide innovative products and service, customer satisfaction, and to minimize waste and costs.
Government enterprises are monopolies with no market, no competition, and no profit motive. They tend to waste public funds, operate with high costs, lack innovation, and have no incentive for customer satisfaction.
Support freedom to get the benefits of cost efficient free enterprises and avoid the problems with costly government enterprises.

A Free Society Promotes Sound Money

A free society will have sound money which increases in value due to the productivity of the economy. An example of this is electronic devices where the cost has decreased despite the devaluation of our currency.

Sound money has a productive origin. When a person is paid for their work, that money represents their productivity which they can then exchange for other products and services.

Fractional banking allows banks to extend loans with money that comes out of thin air. The government also uses a process called monetizing debt where the Bank of Canada pays for government debt using money that comes out of thin air.

Billions of dollars coming out of thin air with no productive origin is being dumped into the economy where it dilutes the money originating from productive work. This is why our currency is continually losing value. This devaluation of our money is an insidious tax which particularly hurts those on the lower end of the economic scale and those on a fixed income.

Support freedom so the banking system cannot simply “print” money and we can have sound money to exchange productive work for real products and services.

A Free Society and Politics
Politics is about how to get along with others. And we get along with others by showing them respect; by respecting their person and possessions which is their property rights.
Private individuals have no authority to compel others to do anything and yet government compels people to obey their regulations and codes. As individuals we have no authority to force others to pay us money and yet government taxation compels people to pay them money.
Canadian governments take over 40% of the private sector income every year. This is a tremendous loss of resources that are not available for business opportunities and employment. Government regulation imposes costs and barriers to business expansion and innovation. These interventions cause economic difficulties for many individuals and businesses.
There is a disconnect between how we treat each other in the private sector and how government treats private individuals and businesses, particularly small businesses.
Do what you can to change government so that individual choices are respected and we are free from government intrusion in our lives and businesses.

Federal Election 2021 Sep 20th
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I have a health issue that precludes me from getting out to collect the signatures to be a candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada in this upcoming election. If there is someone else who can run in the Lakeland Constituency, then please do so. It would be good to be able to vote for a Libertarian candidate in the Lakeland Constituency.

The Virus and Freedom
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I don’t think the restrictions on individual freedom due to the new corona virus are reasonable. The bureaucrats dictating these restrictions are taking the usual one-size-fits-all approach which invariably creates problems for many people. There is no credible evidence to justify the restrictions. There appears to be no understanding of how our capitalistic economy works.

People who do not want to risk infection with this virus can isolate themselves. Why should every individual or family isolate themselves from everyone else? Moving around freely as people normally do exposes them to all kinds of viruses and bacteria which builds the immune system.

There are no studies that show that social distancing is effective in preventing contagion. We do know from physics that molecules in the air move around at any thing from 300 to 500 meters per second. If someone is breathing out viruses, then a few meters is not going to make any difference especially in an enclosed space like a store.

A study was done in South Korea on the effectiveness of masks. Not even surgical masks could filter out viruses, they are too small.

Several non-governmental scientists and medical practitioners have run the numbers on testing for infection extrapolated to the given population compared to fatalities and get fatality rates on the order of 1%. This is no different than any other flu in any other recent year. If this is not correct, then why don’t the bureaucrats show us the numbers and the correct interpretation to justify their restrictions? Instead, all we get is people are being infected and people are dying which is typical of what happens all the time. The only difference now is all the hype and fear mongering.

Keeping everyone isolated creates many problems like abuse, suicide, and avoiding necessary medical services. Many of these problems besides having fatal consequences, will have long term effects for those who live through them.

Governments are saying that they are going to sustain the private sector during the lock down. Now there is an interesting concept. Governments in Canada are sustained by taking over 40% of the annual wealth produced in the private sector. That 40% pays government salaries; some is wasted; and the rest goes to their boondoggles. So the government will do an electronic fund transfer to your bank account and you will sign into your bank account online and print out food??? How about plants for my garden or dental work; can I print that out too???

Our capitalist economy is billions of people all over the world doing their part of some process that eventually ends up as a product or service that we can purchase. The complexity is mind boggling. That is why central planning does not work. There is no way for a single person or group of people to understand, let alone effectively control a capitalist economy. It works best in free markets. Any intervention by governments is detrimental; some visible, most not easily visible. We have just made the move to all out fascism and most people seem to be fine with it.

Goodby freedom.

The Purpose of Life
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God created this earth and sends people here for a reason. Before I get to that specifically, I will put it in context.

We are eternal beings. The essence which is each individual person with their unique personality was not created and cannot be destroyed. That essence received a spiritual body when you were born as a child of your Heavenly Father. You are a child of God. Spiritual matter is real and tangible and finer than physical matter such that we cannot normally detect it with our physical senses. You lived as a spirit for eons with your Heavenly Father where you learned and progressed to the point that you and your brothers and sisters were ready to take the next step to acquire a physical body, knowledge, and power like your Heavenly Father. This next step is mortality, death, further spiritual training and resurrection to immortality. There is no guarantee that a person will make it through this phase to become like Heavenly Father. That risk of failure gave rise to a highly intelligent, cunning spirit brother, Lucifer, rejecting Heavenly Father’s plan and leading a third of our spirit siblings in rebellion. The consequence was/is that they will remain spirits eternally.

So here we are in mortality where our essence is in an eternal spirit body which is in a mortal physical body. Our memory of our former existence as spirits is disabled, and our knowledge and power as mortals is limited. We are not in the presence of our Heavenly Father, nor do we perceive a connection with the heavenly realm unless we diligently seek it. People in the heavenly realm live by celestial law which means not only respect and consideration for others, but the higher law of loving others. There is the celestial law of love, the terrestrial law of respect and consideration, and the telestial lawlessness. When you look around this world, you see people in all three levels. The purpose of life is for each of us to find out what law we are willing to live by and thereby determine our place in eternity.

There is another aspect to the heavenly realm that is important to understand. To live in the heavenly realm a person has to not only be willing to live by celestial law; a person must must also be sinless. A person who has broken the celestial law is no longer sinless, so this looks hopeless for most of us. Heavenly Father knew this would be the case and prepared a way for us to be redeemed from our sins. This is where Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice comes in. Redemption from our sins through the atonement of Christ is conditional. We must believe in and have faith in Jesus Christ and his power to redeem us; we must continue to repent so that eventually we can live the celestial law and sin no more; we must enter into the covenant of baptism where we promise to take upon us the name of Christ, always remember him, and keep his commandments; we must receive the Holy Ghost who will help us meet these conditions; we must continue with all this until Christ declares that we are ready for celestial life.

The purpose of life is to prove ourselves worthy to live with our Heavenly Father as immortal sons and daughters having the same knowledge and power that he has.

Libertarian Candidate for Lakeland in the 2019 Federal Election
| 9 September 2019 | 16:19 | Politics | No comments

I still think it is important that people have the libertarian choice.  I also think it is highly unlikely that a majority of Canadians will ever choose a libertarian party to govern. I suspect that most people consider the small parties a lost cause. Was the Reform Party an exception?  Although they did elect a number of Members of Parliament, once they merged with the PCs, the reform principles were lost in the political game of do whatever it takes to get elected.

I think we lost votes to the Peoples Party of Canada.  I don’t think the Peoples Party of Canada approach to freedom will be any more successful than the Libertarian Party of Canada.  A platform from a small party with some variation of tax and regulation is not different enough from the big parties to warrant consideration.

I would like the Libertarian Party of Canada to give people a clear, unambiguous choice.  Propose a constitution that simply gives people access to restitution for all kinds of assault and all kinds of theft with no place for privilege or political machinations. Period.

Governments Are Not Loving
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That governments are not loving is not a condemnation of governments, it is just a statement of fact. It is not in the nature of governments to love. There are three levels of interaction or relationships in a society.

The lowest level is lawless, and selfish. People function on this level by stealing and assaulting others to get what they want. Most governments operate to some extent at this level where they tax away some amount of income earned in the private sector, and regulate what people can do to some degree of enslavement.

The second level is relationships of respect and consideration for others. This is where liberty comes in. People at this level recognize the property rights of others who are responsible and accountable for what they choose to do with themselves and their possessions. Government will operate on this level to a degree depending on the culture of liberty among the society at large. Governments will not impose liberty on their society. It is society that will impose their culture of liberty on their government.

The third level is relationships of love which can only be obtained on the basis of the second level of respect and consideration for others. In a loving relationships people want the best for others and actively promote and contribute to what is best for others. Sometimes people think they can love without being respectful and considerate, but this is not possible. They are involved in some kind of manipulation or coercion which is not loving. Love is given voluntarily; it cannot be legislated and is therefore not in the reach of government. There is no such thing as government charity. Governments that redistribute wealth are operating on the lowest level of interactions.

People as individuals can grow and develop through the three levels of relationships. The culture of the people in a given society will determine the relationship level of their government. The best form of government will simply codify the natural law of liberty. People in such a society will voluntarily interact on the basis of property right and have access to compensation for violations of property right. Unfortunately, our governments today reflect a weak culture of liberty.

Independent Candidate for Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright
| 28 March 2019 | 18:14 | Politics | No comments

This is my platform:

  • I have no desire to dictate how other people’s income is used. Consequently, I would support any legislation that decreases government spending and decreases or eliminates taxes.  I would oppose any legislation that increases government spending or increases taxes.
  • I have no desire to dictate what other people choose to do with their lives.  Consequently, I would support any legislation that decreases or eliminates government regulation of individuals or businesses.  I support laws that prohibit any form of assault and any form of theft. I would oppose any expansion of government regulation and bureaucracy.
  • I have no desire to live by the support of taxpayers.  I would expect expenses directly related to being an member of the legislative assembly to be covered by my MLA salary. Any monies received over and above expenses would be put in trust for the purpose of promoting liberty. (I deem it unwise to return such monies to government where it will be misused.)
The False Paradigm of Government
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There is a false paradigm of government where people accept the propaganda that governments run countries (or provinces or cities). Countries run because individuals and businesses engage in peaceful exchanges to produce goods and services and otherwise treat each other with respect and consideration. Peace and prosperity are directly related to how people treat each other. When people have respect for the person and other property of others, then everyone is at liberty to lead a peaceful, productive life.

What governments do run are bureaucracies which are burdens and obstacles to the peace and prosperity of society. The proper role of government is to give collective backing to the natural right that everyone has to protect their person and other property. In direct contradiction to that proper role, most of what governments do is take people’s property in taxes and interfere with people’s choices with regulations. When an individual takes someone else’s property or interferes with their choices, we call it a crime. When government does these same things, they call it legal as if their legislation can turn a crime into some kind of moral good.

Most political parties support some version of the scam that they can run things to our benefit. They have their various proposals about how they are going to do it differently with their set of taxes and regulations.

I will continue to promote liberty, but I despair of our society coming to the realization that their paradigm of government is false. The sad part of all this is that while many survive the burden of legal plunder, there are many who suffer in misery and heartache because of the burden of bloated government.

Liberty and Religion
| 10 December 2018 | 13:03 | Politics, Religion | No comments

It seems that the more I read, ponder, and interact with the liberty movement, the more I have become convinced that it takes a moral people, probably a religious people, and even a Christian people to establish and maintain a society with property right.  I am not suggesting that a Christian people is sufficient to establish liberty since there are many Christians who do not recognize property right.  I am suggesting that a Christian people who also recognize property right is necessary to establish and maintain liberty.  Why would this be?  Well …..

First of all, property right or freedom of choice is a basic principle of Christianity.  A person cannot be forced to love God or love their neighbour.  Loving a neighbour includes respecting their property right.  If a christian does not recognize property right, they are a prime candidate for conversion to the liberty movement since property right is part of what they profess to believe.

It appears from history that property right is at least to a large extent associated with Judaeo-Christian culture.  In the last few hundred years, property right has been recognized and implemented in the Judaeo-Christian cultures of Europe and North America.

People with moral values will support a principle that they understand to be right regardless of the inconvenience or enticement to do otherwise.

So what if you do not believe in morality or religion or specifically the Christian religion.  I would suggest that it is to your advantage to welcome people who have moral or religious values to the liberty movement.

For my part, I am quite willing to join with those who share my political views of liberty regardless of their non-political views.


Libertarianism is not Utopian
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The following link is to an article that gives a good explanation of why libertarianism is ethical, practical, realistic, logical, and reasonable.  It is very worthwhile to read.  I also think it explains why libertarianism is the political part of the Judea-Christian ethic.