The word libertarian is derived from liberty which is synonymous with freedom. We were taught and learned as children that the way to get along with others and have fun together was to not hit, or be bossy, or mess with their stuff. The same principle continues to work among adults; we respect the right of others to conduct their lives as they choose, and use their possessions as they choose. We live in a culture of freedom. People work together, buy and sell, attend their various churches or no church, and cooperate in other community organizations. There is peace and prosperity. And when some among us violate the principle of respect for the person and possessions of others, there is less peace and prosperity.

Libertarians get involved in politics because they would like to see the same culture of freedom apply in government as it does in their communities. Governments legislate regulations which dictate what people can and cannot do. Such regulations are illegitimate since the people sending representatives to government, have no authority to make these regulations. Forcing people to abide by government regulations is tyranny and is immoral. Government regulations violate the inalienable right of people to decide for themselves what they will do. Government regulations are illegitimate, immoral, and just plain wrong. Taxation is also something that people have no authority to do among themselves. Consequently, people cannot authorize government representatives to tax. Taxation is taking other people’s property under threat of violence which is immoral. Taxation wrongly violates a person’s inalienable right to property. Taxation is also illegitimate, immoral, and just plain wrong.

Government regulation and taxation stand in stark contrast to the culture of freedom in our private lives. The libertarian objective is to make government operate according to our culture of freedom rather than in opposition to it.