Month: September, 2015
Campaign 10 to 16 Sep
| 16 September 2015 | 21:26 | Politics | No comments

Since Thursday, Sep 10th we have been door contacting in Athabasca, Bruderheim, Lamont, Mannville, and today in St. Paul.

Parking lot accident in St. Paul and then hit a deer on the way home. Bummer. Car is still functioning except the left, front signal light.

We are slated to do a high school presentation and an information meeting in Bonnyville tomorrow. Hopefully we can get the transportation figured out.

Campaign Sep 9th
| 9 September 2015 | 21:46 | Politics | No comments

We have been door contacting in Myrnam, Derwent, Vermilion, and Lloydminster the last three days.  We have also booked information meetings for:

St Paul at the library 6:30 to 7:30 PM on Wed, 23 Sep

Athabasca at the Regional Multiplex 7 to 8 PM on Thurs, 24 Sep

Lloydminster at the Legacy Centre 7 to 8 PM on Wed, 30 Sep

We will be in Athabasca tomorrow afternoon, 10 Sep.

Campaign 5 Sep
| 5 September 2015 | 19:50 | Politics | No comments

I have information meetings set up:

for Bonnyville on Thursday, Sep 17th at the Centennial Centre at 7 PM

and for Vermilion on Friday, Sep 18th at the Regional Centre at 7 PM.

Campaign 1 Sep
| 1 September 2015 | 21:25 | Politics | No comments

Brochures are printed and we started going door to door in Vermilion today distributing brochures and talking to people.  We got a wide variety of response.  Some people were quite interested in the Libertarian approach which was encouraging.

We will be in Bonnyville the 2nd and 3rd of Sep to go door to door.

Nomination papers should be ready this weekend.

We are planning to do information meetings in Athabasca, St. Paul, Vegreville, Bonnyville, Lloydminster, and Vermilion maybe starting the 23rd of September to do two a week.