There are two major problems with taxes. First of all, taxes are illegitimate. Governments can make taxation legal, but they cannot make taxation right. (For further explanation see here)

Secondly, taxes do not do us any good. The propaganda would have us believe that government is going to help us with all kinds of things. These stories never mention that the financing for this help is coming from the resources of individual citizens in the form of taxes. The implication is that the government can use the citizen’s resources more effectively than the citizens can. The truth of the matter is that by taking resources out of the private sector, government taxation destroys jobs and productivity. The taxed resources incur a huge overhead in the form of bureaucratic management that is wasteful, inefficient, and slow. Some pittance may make its way back to us, but it cannot compare to what has been lost. Taxation is a major drag on the economy and gives everyone a lower standard of living, but is especially hard on those with the least.