Freedom means that we are free and responsible to direct our own lives and the use of our possessions while respecting the same freedom for others. Freedom is being respectful and considerate of others.

We have a Culture of Freedom
This is what our mothers taught us. If you want to get along with others, don’t hit, and don’t mess with their stuff.
Canada is known as a free country. For the most part, we do not live in fear of assault or theft. Assault and theft in various forms do happen, but not to the extent that most Canadians are afraid. The people that I come in contact with have no desire to hurt me nor I them. This is what most of us experience.
This culture of freedom comes from individuals, not government. Governments contravene this culture of freedom the most by taking our stuff in taxes and threatening harm if we don’t obey their dictates.
Support freedom so government will also respect individual rights to choose what we do with ourselves and our possessions.

Libertarians Promote Market Regulation
Market regulation uses competition and consumer choice to determine which products and services survive. Markets give businesses the incentive to meet a wide variety of customer needs and wants within normal cost efficiencies.
Government regulation is what a few people decide for everyone affected. Government bureaucracies are a high cost way to implement barriers to business and personal choices.
Support liberty to get the cost effective benefits of market regulation and avoid the costly problems of government regulation.

A Free Society Promotes Free Enterprise
Free enterprises face competition and must be profitable to stay in business with the incentive to provide innovative products and service, customer satisfaction, and to minimize waste and costs.
Government enterprises are monopolies with no market, no competition, and no profit motive. They tend to waste public funds, operate with high costs, lack innovation, and have no incentive for customer satisfaction.
Support freedom to get the benefits of cost efficient free enterprises and avoid the problems with costly government enterprises.

A Free Society Promotes Sound Money

A free society will have sound money which increases in value due to the productivity of the economy. An example of this is electronic devices where the cost has decreased despite the devaluation of our currency.

Sound money has a productive origin. When a person is paid for their work, that money represents their productivity which they can then exchange for other products and services.

Fractional banking allows banks to extend loans with money that comes out of thin air. The government also uses a process called monetizing debt where the Bank of Canada pays for government debt using money that comes out of thin air.

Billions of dollars coming out of thin air with no productive origin is being dumped into the economy where it dilutes the money originating from productive work. This is why our currency is continually losing value. This devaluation of our money is an insidious tax which particularly hurts those on the lower end of the economic scale and those on a fixed income.

Support freedom so the banking system cannot simply “print” money and we can have sound money to exchange productive work for real products and services.

A Free Society and Politics
Politics is about how to get along with others. And we get along with others by showing them respect; by respecting their person and possessions which is their property rights.
Private individuals have no authority to compel others to do anything and yet government compels people to obey their regulations and codes. As individuals we have no authority to force others to pay us money and yet government taxation compels people to pay them money.
Canadian governments take over 40% of the private sector income every year. This is a tremendous loss of resources that are not available for business opportunities and employment. Government regulation imposes costs and barriers to business expansion and innovation. These interventions cause economic difficulties for many individuals and businesses.
There is a disconnect between how we treat each other in the private sector and how government treats private individuals and businesses, particularly small businesses.
Do what you can to change government so that individual choices are respected and we are free from government intrusion in our lives and businesses.