Federal Personal Platform

This is my personal view of government and politics:

I have no desire to dictate how other people’s income is used. Consequently, I support any legislation that decreases government spending and decreases or eliminates taxes.  I oppose any legislation that increases government spending or increases taxes. I support individual responsibility and accountability by leaving tax dollars in the hands of individuals to decide how they want to use it. (see more here)

I have no desire to dictate what other people choose to do with their lives.  Consequently, I support any legislation that decreases or eliminates government regulation of individuals or businesses.  I do support laws that prohibit any form of assault and any form of theft while opposing any expansion of government regulation and bureaucracy.  An economy with more free enterprise, less regulation, and less legislated privilege will also have more innovation and competition. (see more details here)

Our banking system is fraudulent. Consequently, I support a 100% reserve for bank lending. I also support freezing the quantity of our currency. The current policies of allowing fractional bank lending and the continual expansion of the Canadian dollar do harm to our economy and are particularly harmful for those on the lower end of the economic scale and those on fixed incomes. This inflationary harm is insidious in that most people do not understand it or see the detrimental effect on the economy as a whole or themselves personally. (see more details here)

I support legislation or the repeal of legislation that gives individuals more liberty. (For more on liberty see here)

I have no desire to live by the support of taxpayers.  I would expect expenses directly related to being an member of parliament to be covered by my MP salary. Any monies received over and above expenses would be put in trust for the purpose of promoting liberty. (I deem it unwise to return such monies to government where it will be misused.)


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  • Hi Robert, this is Michael Menzies, reporter for Lakeland Connect in Bonnyville, AB within the Lakeland riding. I’m reaching out to do an interview before the election on Monday. Give me a call when you get a chance 780-581-3659. Thanks.

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