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Life Ethic

My life ethic is the religious doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  In other words, I am what is commonly called a Mormon.  My experience is that God will verify the truthfulness of these doctrines through direct communication from the Holy Ghost.  I will explain this in a post sometime.  For information on the doctrine, I refer you to the link to the church which points to the website: ComeUntoChrist.org.

Political Ethic

My political ethic is libertarian.  The essence of this ethic is that everyone has the inalienable right to use their property (including their own body) in any responsible way that also allows others to use their property in any responsible way.  I will comment on my view of libertarianism in posts.  For information on libertarians, I refer you to the link about libertarianism which points to the website: albertalibertarian.ca.


My view of economics is the school known as Austrian Economics.  Austrian Economics explains how sound economies will be based on free markets, capitalism, and no government intervention.  These things I will also elaborate on in posts.  For more information, I refer you to the link on Austrian Economics at the website: mises.org

Me Myself

I am a retired college teacher with university degrees in agriculture and economics.  My wife and I have seven children and many grandchildren.  I find that my views on religion, politics, and economics integrate seamlessly.  It is my view that the commonly accepted wisdom of the world is a mixture of truth and untruth.  And there seems to be some small groups in many areas of knowledge that have ferreted out the truth from the untruth.  My purpose with this blog is to point out what I have found about genuine truth seekers.

2 comments for this page

  • Sheldon Johnston says:

    Hello Robert,
    I was interested in speaking with other Libertarians interested in provincial registration before the next election. Look forward to conversing with you.

    Sheldon Johnston

  • J.R. Werbics says:

    Good Day Robert!

    Your assessment that government does not create jobs is spot on.

    With the introduction of a carbon tax by the NDP, it will not create jobs as you say, but it is also an attack on individual freedom and liberty.

    And It is from this perspective that this new tax must be attacked.

    I firmly believe that the new NDP government does not have the political legitimacy to bring such change to Alberta.

    Libertarians needs to take the lead in demanding that this tax be put before the people of Alberta in the form of a referendum.

    J.R. Werbics is a Canadian writer and philosopher

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